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       Hengsheng Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd is the branch company of Hainan Fuwang Industrial Co.,Ltd £¨“ HFI”£©£¬which located in Jiangmen,Guangdong. The local traffic is very convenient with highways and inter-city railways criss- crossing.

     The company has advanced production technology and equipments, specialized in the manufacture of high-precision, high heat resistance, special type, special specification products, so as to meet the users" needs for high technology level and special products.

Main products:

       1. High thermal conductivity and super high thermal conductivity aluminum base copper clad laminates series;

       2. Laminates(insulation board)series: including FR-4, halogen-free FR-4, G-10, FR-5, G-11, CEM-1, CEM-3, polyimide high-temperature boards, halogen-free products, anti-static products, black heat resisting and anti-static tin furnace carrier board, high strength laminates, carbon fibre-glass fibre composite laminates and carbon fibre laminates, etc. The colors of products include black, white and other colors could be available upon request, the thickness of the products range from 0.1mm to 180mm.

      3. Copper Clad laminates series: Hengsheng is specialized in manufacturing thick base CCL and thick copper foil CCL.